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Plataforma ADRV start fund for 17 fans fined for protests

The Plataforma ADRV have started a fund called ‘Fila 0’ for 17 Rayo fans who were fined for protesting against the ownership of Rayo Vallecano during the the recent Reus game in an effort to help those who have been “hit hard economically” with the punishment.

A fine of 1.000€ each

17 Rayo fans were fined €1,000 each and banned from the Estadio Vallecas for one month for their part in protesting against the owner of the club, Raul Martin Presa, and the Rayo fan group have named gone with the headline of “17,000 reasons to help” on the posters surrounding the stadium along with handing out leaflets at the game against Real Oviedo in Vallecas on Sunday night.

The tensions between the fans and management of the club has been growing to an almost unmanageable crescendo with fans protests a weekly occurrence at this point in the season. The club’s rudderless run has not helped as they saw themselves dumped into second last in the segunda division table following a run of just one win in 11 games prior to last Sunday’s impressive 2-0 victory over Real Oviedo along with three managerial changes during the course of the season.

The Plataforma ADRV want the fans to invoke their one for all and all for one motto that they live by and are hoping that fans from all over the world will donate to their cause in an effort to ease the burden of paying such a hefty fine.


17.000 reasons to help


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