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Trashorras: “Javier Tebas threatened me if I supported the Bukaneros”

There were whispers on the terraces that Roberto Trashorras wanted to clear the air on everything from his dropping and apparent ex-communication from the dressing room on match days to Miku and his desire to leave the club last summer.

Trashorras’ opinion

Rayo Vallecano’s captain decided to chose Carlos Sanchez Blas and Onda Madrid as the medium to do so recently and in a wide-ranging interview, he addressed every issue he was faced with this season along with Jose Ramon Sandoval’s accusation of him being a “shit captain”.

Miku, a player who tried to forge his way out of the club in the summer, and a friend of Trashorras, was the first issue for journalist and footballer to broach. “I had no problems with Sandoval, I always tried to help him and he knows that I told Miku off, despite him being a friend of mine, I reprimanded him in the summer for his idea of how to get out of Rayo”.

Sandoval would subsequently apologise to Trashorras for calling him a shit captain and Trashorras explained his daughter came home from school crying over the insults levelled at her Father by then-manager Sandoval namely calling him a “shit captain” and looking out for his friends opposed to being a better leader.

Another claim levelled at Trashorras was that he masterminded, or at the very least had a say in, the sacking of Sandoval but the gallego insists that he does not have this kind of power and would never do such a thing in any case. He was criticised for the same thing after Baraja was sacked but Trashorras says they are “lies” and that Baraja and him had important conversations.

It was not the benching by Baraja that surprised Trashorras but not being allowed in the dressing room for fear of being a bad influence, “I was shocked.I was upset that it seemed that we could do damage to the dressing room,” and said in his 20 years as a professional this never happened.

Goalkeeper Toño posted tweets that supported the fans of the club in the middle of the Roman Zozulya case and this was the next issue on the agenda. For Trashorras, he says, the club had made a decision on speaking out and in any case, he received a letter from Javier Tebas that threatened him with a €10,000 fine should he support the Bukaneros.

While sitting on the fence on the Zozulya issue himself, he said that it is important that the fans can express themselves, which is his first input on the situation. He did not expand on what he meant by this and while it is not a whole lot, it is more than several players have said and a step in the right direction. Whether Rayo fans see it as an adequate step in standing behind them remains to be seen.

Trashorras was reinstated to the starting eleven in Michel’s first game in charge and will now focus his attention on keeping Rayo in the second division. For now, at least, the air is clear and Trashorras has a clear conscience.


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