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Zozulya delays his decision

Zozulya delays his decision

As Roman Zozulya delays his decision as to whether he will line out for Rayo Vallecano this season, the turmoil that the transfer has wrought continues both behind the scenes and in front of the wider footballing world.

Rayo Vallecano fans

It was announced on Thursday night that LaLiga intended to file a lawsuit against 10 Rayo Vallecano fans – eight for interrupting a training session at the Ciudad Deportivo de Rayo Vallecano and two for holding a press conference outside Estadio Vallecas (in Spanish) ahead of the Almeria game at the weekend. The training session was an open session, however, and there has even been a suggestion that Javier Tebas’ links to the political right could have influenced his decision to prosecute the Rayo fans.

On Twitter on Friday, Peña Rayista Bus Uno said they had been sent a fax by the club to inform them to remove the Rayo badge from all it’s social media and paraphernalia as the club denounced the official Peña and said they would take further legal action if the rights of the club were infringed upon.

The players have also drawn some attention with Razvan Rat drawing particular scorn when he said there is a “difference between supporting your country and being a nazi”, while captain, Antonio Amaya refused to be drawn into the row. Furthermore, the club remain adamant that they are apolitical. The owner of the club insists that should Zozulya decide to play, he is welcome, but the player remains concerned over the atmosphere at the club given his links to the far-right. Presa said he spoke with Juande Ramos, most recently of Malaga, and former manager of Rayo Vallecano, who gave him a glowing reference.

The evidence, however, is stacked against Zozulya and the Bukaneros along with the whole of Vallecas has spoken and Zozulya’s chances of ever pulling on a Rayo shirt seem slim.

Bayern Munich joined in, in support of Rayo Vallecnao fans recently with their own banner that said “Throw nazis out of football . Zozulya Vete Ya (leave already)!”

The atmosphere at the game against Almeria was one of complete solidarity as fans handed out white napkins to protest in the 13th minute along with “Zozulya – Not Welcome” pages that were also held up.

Until we hear more, we will wat with bated breath to hear from Zozulya’s camp.

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